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3 innovative ways to increase eCommerce revenues

See how integrated marketing aligns with eCommerce

  • 12 Jan|


Modern information technology techniques are sometimes overwhelming and one common mistake is to separate the services that happen online from the services that happen in the physical shops. This separation-of-concerns however is in itself limiting your business from possibilities to organically grow. Anyone wishing to sell both online and offline should consider re-thinking the business model such that offline and online become one.

Here we list some ideas for your consideration:

  1. Encourage your shop visitors through visual cues to take photos of the items on display in your shop, sharing the photos with their friends and obtain opinions about what caught their eye there and then. You can encourage this behaviour by setting up specific areas of the shop where to hang (clothes) or where to position items such that photos come out nicely possibly with a background clearly containing your brand logo. This is what I call free marketing.
  2. Position several fixed touch screens or tablets around your shop that encourage ‘Like’ing the shop, browsing through prices and exploring product features like never before. A recent study shows that a third of todays’ shoppers surf online for price comparison through their mobile phones while they are physically shopping around.
  3. Allow online orders that are picked up at a physical store or else physical store purchases that are delivered by post as if they were purchased online.

If you are interested in becoming an outstanding market player that combines physical and virtual contact us. Blink has the necessary expertise not only to devise digital strategies that are adequate for your business but also to provide you with the technology that you need to make the digital strategies a tangible reality.

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Author: Aaron Gusman

Aaron is an eBusiness specialist deeply knowledgeable in both business and technology. He has been the strategic architect behind many projects of varying sizes ranging from simple eCommerce websites, auction sites and eMarketing projects and ending with huge projects for banks, payment gateways and other financial institutions which demand the highest industry standards.


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